south central washington resource conservation & development (rc&d) council
south central washington resource conservation & development (rc&d) council
south central washington resource conservation & development (rc&d) council

creek in the upper yakima river basin

yakima river canyon

yakima river canyon

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Leadership in Conservation and Collaboration

The South Central Washington Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council facilitates solutions to natural resource challenges.

We lead partnerships between local, regional, state, and federal organizations that recognize they have a common challenge, but need help finding a common path toward solutions. 

We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in Yakima, Washington and offer our services throughout Wasington State. We complete:

  • Strategic Planning and Group Facilitation
  • Providing financial services through fiscal sponsorships and other means.
  • Project Management
  • Learning Network Development and Coordination

The RC&D will help your group work together.  We improve the quality of communities through Natural Resource Conservation and Community Development projects.  Our Board of Directors is made up of local member representatives who understand the unique needs of our communities. Our members include:

  • Cities & Counties
  • Tribes
  • Conservation Districts
  • Non-Profit Groups
  • Local NGOs and other Local Groups
  • Other Local Groups

RC&Ds have been working across the nation since the 1960s with the goal of making a true difference on the ground and in our communities.  We are known nationally for being able to get things done!  We encourage everyone to get involved in your local RC&D council. Contact Us to find out how!









RC&D - Providing Leadership in Conservation Collaboration!


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